What is Hormone?

The word Hormone is derived from Greek word horman, meaning "to set in motion". Hormones are chemicals produced by certain, specialized cells in your glands. The hormones then travel to other cells, in order to regulate or manage processes there. Hormones are produced by particular organs, but affect different organs. Hormones regulate all body systems, internally and externally, physically and mentally. Their decline results in Aging or decay of the body and mind.

Hormone imbalances are no more issues of elderly. In today's world the stressors of daily life bring the hormone imbalances in young age and hence cause aging prematurely.

Previously it was thought that hormones decline with aging but now it is a well known fact that we age because our hormones decline. Hormone imbalances are almost always ignored when dealing with the issues of day to day life.

Today, almost everyone talks about STRESS. But we know that stress is inevitable. It is a spice of life.

  • Stress can be thought of as the "spice of life", the spark that animates and primes us for each day.
  • The difference between stress we can handle, and the stress that gets out of hand, stress Vs. Distress, is the difference between Adrenal balance and Imbalance. The latter occurs when multi-pressures of modern life call the adrenal glands to action too often. The struggle to keep with high demand for cortisol eventually lead to adrenal fatigue.

The ongoing chronic stressors bring aging prematurely and in some way this response is mediated through misbalancing the neuro-endocrine system of the body or say, the hormone imbalance.

Life style modification, yoga, meditation, exercise need motivation. The pathway of motivation in the body is controlled by hormones. If hormones are imbalanced there will not be motivation for any of the healthy modifications. So the first important issue is to find out the hormonal imbalances in the body which is not allowing one to get motivated towards healthy life style. Once the same is corrected a vicious cycle or a cascade sets in and the journey towards a healthy life starts.

It's all about a fine balance, a harmony and synchronization. If your body hormones are in sync then your life is music and if not then it is merely a noise. Hormones play a very important role in therapeutic issues as well as issues of general wellness.

Men and Women as young as 20 years of age may be affected by symptoms of hormonal decline. Some of these effects include low energy, low libido, slow cognitive function, decreased well being, depression, weight gain, muscle loss and even osteoporosis. In addition women may suffer from hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.